Meet Rora Blue, The Artist Behind “The Unsent Project”

Meet Rora Blue – a California artist and the Lala’s newest obsession. Her most well-known work, titled The Unsent Project, combines art with the unspoken emotions we all wish we had the chance to say. And the coolest part? She gets her inspiration from people like us.

Yes, you read that correctly. Her website explains that The Unsent Project “is a collection of text messages submitted under the prompt,  ‘State your first loves name and type what you would say if you sent them a text message. Also, include the color that you think of when you think of your first love.’” And the submissions she receives range from your classic Taylor Swift-esque jabs at the boy that broke your heart, to the down-right depressing truth of a break-up, to the hilariously sarcastic comments you wish you had said.



And the result? She creates collages out of the colors as well as the text that was submitted to make “visual representations of the diversity and unmistakable similarities between submitters’ feelings toward their first loves.” In other words, she creates a total masterpiece that screams “Thank you for the heartbreak, I needed it for my art.” *Drops mic


(And yes, you can buy custom-made collages as well as single stickers created from these submissions on her Etsy shop)

Her most recent series, called Handle With Care, puts a total hypotonic-funky-fresh spin on feminism and turns it into art. It’s an insanely powerful project that creates art out of the derogatory comments girls hear at different times in their life. She writes that the “photos aim to capture modern day sexism and some of the pressures that women face in society today.”

In a world where feminism constantly gets a bad rep, Rora Blue’s art is more than a breath of fresh air. It’s an unapologetic voice of personality. Check out more of her art on her website because art is cool guys!