Holy Guacamole: The Easiest Guac Recipe Ever

Contrary to what you may believe, guac is a year round thing. Thought it was reserved for warm summer afternoons and beer? Not quite. Think Fall, Winter, Spring and every girls night, tailgate and midnight snack in-between. Check out our so-easy-you-could-do-it-in-your-sleep recipe below!







-Hot pepper

-Garlic cloves

-Lemon juice

 First you will need to cut your avocado and scoop out with a spoon. Then using a fork mash the avocado to the chunkiness of your liking.

Then chop tomatoes, onions, hot pepper, and garlic. And place the ingredients in a bowl.

For a little zest add some lemon juice and spice and voila you have some kickin guacamole and a real crowd pleaser!