The Tim Tam Slam And 7 Other Weird (But Delicious) Australian Treats

Australians have a strange need to combine delicious tastes with other delicious tastes. Although the final product isn’t always delicious i.e. salmon and licorice (gross) here is a list of those that definitely are.

The Tim Tam Slam

This is a life hack that Tim Tam lovers devour but few others have discovered. For those that haven’t tried the Australian Tim Tam, picture two delicious biscuits, sandwiched with chocolate cream and coated in chocolate and then times that by 1000 degrees of deliciousness. The Tim Tam slam involves biting off either end of the rectangular biscuit and using the existing biscuit as a straw to suck up your glass of milk. The mix of chocolate-y milk is out of this world.

Twisties sandwich

This one is a favorite on group camping trips when as usual we have overstocked on bread for the barbecue and chips to ‘pass the time’. A Twisties sandwich (or really any other chips, including cheese and bacon balls or crinkle cut salt and vinegar) combines soft and crunchy all in one.

Fairy bread

Sliced white bread coated in butter and dipped in 100s and 1000s- the perfect party treat of every Australians childhood. Bright, colourful and delicious! Need I say more?

Vegemite and avocado

The growing avocado toast trend has taken Australia by storm and it has people experimenting with all sorts of condiments. This is by far one of the best and the most accessible as almost every household has a stash of Vegemite. Slather the toast in Vegemite and add the smashed avocado on top. The perfect combination of creamy and salty and so quick to make before you dash out the door in the morning.

Meat pie 

A meat pie is a typical Aussie meal at the local footy match. Unlike the US, Australians combine the goodness of pastry with savoury foods too. Similar to an apple pie, the meat pie is filled with 100% Aussie beef as a standard. Additions to the hardy snack include mushrooms, potato, curry and mixed vegetables to name a few. Topped with tomato sauce is a must!

Cheezels dipped in Nutella

I don’t know how much of a ‘goer’ this one is in other circles, but within my group of friends, it’s a favourite. The combination of sweet and cheesy is strangely delicious and highly addictive.

Mortadella and potato cake roll

Working at a delicatessen has meant I have had my chance to experiment with different food combinations and this was by far the best. An acquired taste for the sliced meat, Mortadella is required but growing up with an Italian background has meant I have no choice but to love it. A crunchy bread roll thinly sliced Mortadella and potato cake. Can’t be great for cholesterol but sure does taste it.

Tomato Soup and a Cheese Toastie

Dip the cheese toastie in the soup for a perfect winter meal. The melted cheese will ooze with every bite and the tomato will provide a base of flavours for everyone to enjoy. An easy dinner meal when soup on its own won’t fill you up.

If you can’t get your hands on some of these products, try reinventing the wheel. What combinations of delicious food have you created?