No Phone? No Problem! 7 Revelations You’ll Have Without A Device In Hand

For most people, the first thing they do when they get out of bed is roll over, rub their sleepy eyes, and pick up their phones. This past week of my life, I was not “most people” because my lifeline, my beautiful glowing device, my prized possession unceremoniously decided to stop working. Meaning every morning, I woke up and stared at my ceiling.

I can honestly say I have never had such peaceful mornings in my life.

I hate to admit it about myself, but I am obsessed with my phone. I love being in constant contact with my family and friends. I love always having access to a camera and social media and my email accounts. Until my phone decided to abruptly stop working, I never realized what I was missing when I had my screen glued to my face.

Here are 7 revelations you will have when you don’t have a phone.

1.Everyone else is always on their phones.

Like A L W A Y S on their phones. You will probably be the only one at the party, not texting or snap chatting, and that is okay. It gives you the opportunity to talk to people you normally wouldn’t.

2. Homework doesn’t seem so stressful.

When you are not constantly looking at your phone, you get a lot more work done. The distractions are gone. This entire semester, I have been always two steps behind in all of my classes. I break my phone, and suddenly, I am a week ahead in my work.

3. You notice the weather, and it is awesome.

I don’t know about you, but I never sit outside and just enjoy a sunny day. Not having a phone allows you to notice the cool breeze on your way to class and the leaves falling from the trees. It’s so calming to be in tune with nature, peeps.

4. Your friends will like you more.

I can’t guarantee this fact, but without a phone distracting you, you actually listen to every word your friends say to you. They will love the undivided attention, and you’ll be thankful you have been blessed with such amazing people to spend your time with.

5.You’ll miss your mom’s weekly phone call more than you think.

Not being able to call your mom whenever you need her really sucks. I am not going to lie. Without a phone, you realize just how important that weekly phone call is to you. You’ll never take it for granted again.

6.You sleep a lot better.

Read a book, write in your diary. The time before you go to sleep is yours. Enjoy it.

7. You can be selfish.

It’s refreshing to live your life without any pressure to be exciting enough for social media. You get to do whatever you want. Live it up, my friends.

I suggest putting your phone down for a day. You’ll realize you are okay if you can’t snap chat, Instagram, tweet or text every second of every day, and I promise you will love it.