7 Nightly Routines That Mega-Successful Women Swear By

It’s annoying how much sleep affects our stress levels, mood, and health. Yet, with hectic lives and a million plates spinning, sleep is incredibly crucial. So, what’s the magical formula to unwind from a crazy day to a peaceful sleep? In search of that answer, I turned to some powerful women who are killing the game of life for inspiration and examples of some winning nightly routines. Who better to ask than some of the most badass women alive?

1. Turn Off Your Phone

Even Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, does it, so we know that you won’t be losing any social media gains if you follow suit. Arianna Huffington, editor in chief of AOL Huffington Post Media Group, goes as far as to ban all electronics from her bedroom, and reads an old-fashioned hardcover book before bed. There’s science behind this routine: studies show that the blue light from your phone can affect your melatonin and make it harder to fall asleep.

2. Epsom Salt Bath

Turn down the lights and light the candles: this is your therapeutic bubble bath for adults. Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow claims this tried-and-true relaxing experience works for everyone. Plus, Epsom Salt is known to pull toxins from your body, relieve stress, aid muscle soreness, and more. Relaxation and health? I’m in.

3. Decorate Your Bedroom

Your bedroom may not look like a Vera Wang masterpiece by the time you’re finished, but you can follow in her footsteps by creating a space that is calming. The fashion designer calls her bedroom her “sanctuary.” Whether that means tidying up your bookshelf, adding some color into your room, or rearranging your bedroom, make a space that mirrors the mental space you want to be in before you close your eyes.

4. Meditation

Ellen DeGeneres, comedian and talk show host, is a proponent of meditating before bed. Even if it’s only a couple minutes, meditation is like pushing a reset button on your day. Claire Sulmers, founder of FashionBombDaily.com, uses mediation if she’s struggling to fall asleep, and actress Jennifer Aniston says she can feel a difference on the days that she meditates.

5. Journaling/To-do List

Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise, founders of Sakara Life, decompress by pouring their day into a journal. Getting that awkward conversation or stressful situation off your mind and onto paper can be relieving and help you to process. Or, if lots of thoughts are bombarding your brain, trying taking Lauren Conrad’s advice and jot down a to-do list in your journal so that you can set those thoughts aside until you wake up the next morning.

6. Dark Chocolate

Yes, your guilty pleasure just turned into your nightly routine. You have actress Blake Lively to thank for this one. Dark chocolate has been known to benefit heart health, aid in lowering stress levels, and be good for your brain. Indulge away!

7. Drink Water

If a complicated, involved nightly routine isn’t your style, here’s one you can do anywhere at any time: drink water. Probably the easiest on this list, a glass of water is what actress Cameron Diaz keeps by her bedside. She highlights the importance of drinking water when you wake up, too. Your body can go into stress if it thinks that you’re not going to supply it with ample water, so put your body at ease and drink up.

Try these routines, combine them, create your own, or attempt all of them on the same night if you have the time! Let success be the product of your restorative sleep. In the words of Arianna Huffington, “We are literally going to sleep our way to the top.”